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Our refit hubs are mobile units designed to make yard periods easier to manage.

All hubs have standard basic amenities which are

The desks comes ready to use with
A wireless printer(easy to pick up)
Wifi(we provide a hotspot for up to ten devices)
A swivelling chair(CEO grade)
Document storage cupboards & drawers.
Drawing board plan sticker board

Fire extinguishes
first aid kit
Eye care kit
Lockable tool boxes
Instruction manuals on all equipment

Insulated ceilings/floors,cool in the sun.
Air conditioning systems
Satelite television
Coffee maker
Pleasant well designed interiors.

We offer customized features based on departments, Example

Twin industrial tool boxes
Mounted bench grinders
A table top band saw
A table top drill press
Table vices
Industrial vacuum cleaner
Industrial battery swaging tools
Electrical meters/testers
Electrical labeLing machines
Twin metric and standard nuts and bolts assortment kits

The set up is designed to similate the contents of a yachts engine room with a few addiional speciality tools required during a refit.(ENGINEERS REFIT HUB IS AVAILABLE TO RENT ON A WEEKLY/MONTHLY BASIS)