A simple yet effective vacuum flushing system.

As a refit engineer every time i join a yacht i seem to end up in the black water department , a place few care to venture into thus i became fairly knowledgable in dealing with vacuum leaks , blockages and poop.

My experiences have lead me to come up with a simpler version that resolves issues in the black water system.

The current industry mechanism on most yachts is a system where every head has a dedicated expansion tank, and every time a head is flushed a pump runs. There is a better way.

The system consists of four items that work together

1 A vacuum switch (monitors line vacuum pressure)

2 An expansion tank(regulates line vacuum volume)

3 A manifold( collects shit from all heads when flushed)

4 A vacuum pump(macerates, creates vacuum & pumps shit into tank , overboard or into treatment plant.

By consolidating all Heads to feed off one vacuum switch, pump and manifold the system is greatly improved .

Heads flush in silence with no running pumps and when the vacuum pump runs you wont hear it.

A quieter vessel and thus a worry free throne where you reign in peace.

Fewer parts , cost effective over time (constant repairs etc).

To order , Click on image below , as you select your options price will populate accordingly , once done click on the checkout button to finalize order , once received will get in touch to discuss installation details , shipping or delivery. Thank you.

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Just winches llc.
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 4 reviews
 by Jason
S/y Angelique
Work quality: Outstanding
Personality: Honorable, refreshing
Accountability: Superb & open

I just have to say that my experience with Jack has been nothing but positive. He is not only a very honorable person who's values are most refreshing in this day and age, but he also really knows his stuff. His professionalism and attention to detail, which one certainly needs when rebuilding a winch, windlass or the like, is simply outstanding. I would not hesitate to hire Jack for any repair or engineering position within the marine industry. Jack ROCKS! S/y Angelique.

Thanks Jason ,Always great being aboard angelique and see you.

 by Jim
Catalina 350
Work quality: Amazing
Personality: Personable , friendly
Accountability: Undoubtebly awesome!

Jack is amazing! In addition to expertly servicing the Harken Winches on my Catalina 350, he patiently demonstrated and instructed me on the process. He goes about his work cleanly, methodically, and with precision. The results are my winches perform flawlessly - as if new. I have personally observed Jack working on other mechanical projects including boats and vehicles. He enjoys the challenge and can solve virtually any engineering issues. He is very intelligent, personable, and has a great work ethic and competency. Highly recommended in all respects!
Capt Jim

Thank you Jim, always great seeing you and helping out when possible.

 by Tim
Vitamin sea
Work quality: very professional
Personality: Fantastic
Accountability: Honest & reliable

Jack is very professional, prompt on appointments and my winches just work better after he is finished. I recommend him highly and have him service my winches .

 by Cpt.Hakan
S/y Sejaa 80 Ft sloop

We would like to recommend Just Winches LLC. staff for all windlass and winch jobs along with wood work related to the services and installations of windlasses thereafter. We had Jack service our windlass which was in pretty bad shape after all other major companies shied away from it. Jack had it off the boat and serviced in four days and it went from all rusty and non functioning to new looking and functioning. The price was fair for the job involved and it was all done in a timely fashion. We recommend Just Winches for tough deck hardware jobs anytime. Thanks, Jack!

Thank you Hakan.

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